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Sunday, April 4, 2010

smart snacking...

Dont forget smart snacking! Snacks will save you! Some of your food logs showed me that you are either making bad snack choices, incomplete snack choices, or you are not snacking at all. It is important for you to have snacks. In fact, I want you to eat every three hours. This is really going to keep you from over eating, and it will keep your metabolism reved up throughout the day. Smaller meals more often is the best way to go. Here is an example of a great eating schedule..rework it to fit you.

6Am Breakfast
9AM Snack
12Pm Lunch
3Pm Snack
6Pm Dinner
9Pm Snack

The best snacks will consist of both a carb and a protein. Both of these macro nutrients will keep you feeling full of energy! Lets face it, we could all use a little more energy. You always want to pay close attention to portion sizes and calorie content if your goal is weight loss.

Pick one food from the protein list and one food from the carb list to create a complete snack. Try to keep your snacks around 200cals.

cottage cheese
string cheese
Turkey, ham, chicken
protein shake
peanut butter
protein bars

Carb snacks
whole wheat crackers
fruit: banana, apple, grapefruit, strawberry, oranges....
pickles(high is sodium)
baked chips
whole wheat pita
whole wheat toast
high fiber cereal
popcorn(not the movie kind)
sugar free jello
granola bars(watch the calories)
unsweetened apple sauce
rice cake

Good Luck! Happy Snacking!

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